Building a customizable app for Teams

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I recently noticed that in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center in the Manage App section, some apps are "customizable".
I am creating an app which will send requests to a software that is installed on-premises and thus has different domain name depending on the organisation using it (,…).

  • Could I use this feature to make the domain name customizable by the Teams admin so that the app is ready to use by the Teams users.

  • I also wonder if and how I can use this customized data (I suppose it is manifest data) in my app code (note: I am using NodeJS).

Side question, I also noticed a "Settings" tab which is always empty, what is it for, how can I add settings to my app?

Thank you

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Hi @ccr-ms

See article

The only properties you can customise are

Short name
Short description
Full description
Privacy policy URL
Website URL
Terms of use URL
Color icon
Outline icon
Accent color

The article should show how to do it.

The settings tab is also available for a few applications where settings can be modified. For example the Approvals App let you pick specific e-signature software to use. Today it shows Adobe Sign, later on it will show DocuSign and other vendors

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thank you @Christopher Hoard for your reply.


I understand that it is not possible to use the "Customize app" feature for what I want to achieve.


However, I am still not sure how I can add settings to my bot app for people to configure it. Do you know of any developer documentation about that ?


Thanks again for your time.

@ccr-ms - It's possible for Bot to send a welcome message with Adaptive card which allows users to choose their preferences. Here is demo app which shows similar functionality: Microsoft-Teams-Samples/samples/app-region-selection




I'll raise it to see if I can get an answer on where the settings (tab within the TAC) would be set. I don't personally know myself so would be interested to follow up. If I get a response I'll circle back here

Best, Chris