Building a custom app that install a PowerBI tab with report

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There's lots of documentation on building custom apps with tabs. There's also plenty of documentation on adding (manually) a PowerBI tab and connecting it to a report template. I'm exploring combining the two concepts and want to know if it's possible.



  1. Customer logs into our product (ActivTrak) and finds the PowerBI template
  2. Customer downloads our PowerBI template and uploads to Files
  3. Customer adds a PowerBI app tab in Teams and points to our template
  4. Customer connects to the live data source with their credentials


  1. Customer finds our custom app in the Teams app store and installs it
  2. Template is embedded within the custom app and installed automatically into a new app tab
  3. Customer connects to the live data source with their credentials

Essentially, we'd like to cut out the often confusing and cumbersome steps of installing the PowerBI tab and configuring by building that process into a custom app.


Is this possible? Thanks!


Our MS Teams/PowerBI integration:

Our integration install instructions: (INSANE!)

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@Omri-ActivTrak - Yes, You can install powerBI tab with reports in teams. Could you please Check this Docs ?

@Nikitha-MSFT thanks for your reply! However, I'm asking something a little different. I don't want to add a custom tab with PowerBI. I want to build an app that does this for the user and includes the report that we are providing them. Then we can publish this app where users can discover it (in the app marketplace).

@Omri-ActivTrak you can should be able to do add Power BI with Microsoft Graph. However, you won't be able to add your report at this stage, just a tab where someone can configure that report


I'd recommend voting up this in the Teams User Voice to boost the chances of being able to configure Power BI reports - Configure POWER BI tab if we have the report ID – Microsoft Teams UserVoice