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Hi, I meet some issue when developing a project. What we want is that after meeting has started, a notification message will be send through graph api and every participants in the meeting can receive notice of incoming notification and see this message(including host and attendees). I try to send message to chat, channel and teams but none of them work(No notice was created. If I sent message to chat, I could see message but there was no notice). can I ask that how to achieve this?

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@ChenguangHe - 
To get change notifications for a meeting's call events in an application, subscribe to /communications/onlineMeetings/?$filter=JoinWebUrl eq '{JoinWebUrl}'. This resource supports including resource data in the notification.
Ref: Get change notifications for Microsoft Teams meeting call updates - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Lear...
Also, please refer below doc/sample which explains how to send activity feed notifications to multiple users, in bulk.


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