Bot making audio/video calls to peer but not able to see/hear

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I followed article and did the following.

1. Registered the bot and allowed required permissions

2. Added one team member to my Team on Teams

3. Using above article, made a video/audio call API from Postman

4. The call went through.

5. My teammate got an incoming call from "MyBot"

6. But I am unable to understand how can I communicate with him if my callback URL is (Postman)

7. I tried both bot-to-peer and peer-to-peer. But in latter, I am not sure what should be the media configuration values?


Can anyone help me here to setup this audio/video call between me and my teammate?




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@PriyaAcharya - you can handle call by using the bot endpoint. Could you please go through the sample here? Try if that helps.

Thanks for your help. We actually got it working by using ServiceMediaReq. Both audio and video work fine. Just a quick question. In my Team, i have few members who are "members" and others are "guests". When i make a call, only the "members" get a call. The "guest" users dont. Any suggestions here please?

@PriyaAcharya - Could you please try to invite the guest using graph Api ?