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Hi all,
I have a simple question today. Can we block our students from uploading assignments and other stuff on files. This actually create a big mess. Students are supposed to upload their assignments in assignment portion but some of them upload those in files. This create a big confusion for us. We cannot mark them manually and they get zero. This is alarming for us. Any solution
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You could remove the rights of the members from being able to upload files into a channel folder via the SharePoint user interface. Use the "Manage Access" option in SharePoint for the associated channel folder (or entire document library if that is required).
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@Saraiqbal2020, There are two different ways to do this. Admin can run script to block non-owners to share files. Second is the easiest way - follow below steps


> Go to the channel for which you want to block student from sharing any file

> Go to "Open in SharePoint"





> Select "Change how members can share" option



> Select option marked in red.

Really it is the best response for my problem. Thanks a lot
Really it is the best response for my problem. Thanks a lot
Good News !! =). you can do that.
as @Abhijit_MSFT mentioned but if you want to block the file upload in the onedrive also
for current users: need to delete the SharePoint site and unassign the licenses.
for new users: unassigned the licenses
follow the article for full step-by-step details...

Hi! I’ve just found this solution for me and I think it can work perfectly for you. It is the latest release of the Agat software that has a feature called the "Ethical Wall," which helps to prevent sensitive data from being shared between select users or departments. This program will block all forms of file sharing (desktop, file, video, audio) and more.

Look at this!