Best practices for multi-page app

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I am working on a Teams app for AppSource. It will have multiple screens: user view, user edit, admin edit. I could build a single page app with dynamic components, but I am concerned that it will impact performance. Is there a better way?


I have considered creating multiple tabs, but it would mean installing 3 tabs, including some - such a the admin tab - not relevant to all users.

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Hi @Christophe Humbert, You can design a maximum of 16 tabs for an App. Could you please have a look the document - What are custom tabs in Teams? - Teams | Microsoft Docs

@Mallipriya_MSFT thanks for the helpful link. I see that 16 is for personal tabs, but for channel/group tabs you can only have one! In this case it seems that I don't have another choice than putting everything in a single page.

@Christophe Humbert, Could please check and try this once Create a configuration page - Teams | Microsoft Docs  with multiple tabs as options with checkboxes/ radio buttons and configure the tab according to the user privilege.