Bad Gateway when adding certain users to channel

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I have a very interesting problem where i get a 502 Bad Gateway error when adding certain users to a team or channel via the graph API.

Both fail for these users. The users are always the same. 

If use the group to add a member to the team

it works for these users. 

But as far as i know there is no equivalent way to add members to channels. 

I couldn't find any obvious difference between the users. If i add them manually via the Teams client there are no problems.


Any one got an idea whats the problem or how to solve this?


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I tried to do the same with official Teams PowerShell Cmdlet and I get the same error. 


There seems to be some problem with these particular users.

Have you tried installing Teams PowerShell public preview modue?
I did test it with the latest version from PowerShellGallery: 1.1.5-preview