Azure teams bot: how to receive files in a group chat

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We have a teams bot in our organization. In a personal chat we are able to get an attachment activity with the sharepoint downloadUrl when we upload a file in the chat, but when we try to add this bot to a group and upload an image, we get an empty activity without any image data - {"contentType":"text/html","content":""}.

Is it possible to upload an image in a group, and get it in our webhook as an attachment?


As I read, Teams bot API only supports files in personal context, but what are the alternatives to get it in the webhook?


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@chisr - Teams bot API only support files in personal context. However, you can use Microsoft Graph which works for bots in all Microsoft Teams scopes:

  • personal
  • channel
  • groupchat

Using Graph API, you can post messages with card attachments that refer to existing SharePoint files, using the Graph APIs for OneDrive and SharePoint.

Ref: Send and receive files using bot - Teams | Microsoft Learn
Send chatMessage in a channel or a chat - Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Learn




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Thanks. I already found a solution. When we get an empty attachment in the webhook, we send a request 'chats/${chatId}/messages/${messageId}/attachments' and I got the url.