Automatically install app as a personal app

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Hi, can someone assist me with automatically installing an app as a personal app for the user who adds the app to a team's channel? For instance, when Adobe Acrobat is added to a team's channel, it is also automatically installed as a personal app.

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Hello @Vaibhav-MSFT ,

I am developing an MS Teams app, so what I want to know is how can I install the app for the user as a personal app who added the same app in the team's channel.

This same behavior happens in Adobe Acrobat App.

Hi @yashbansal7920 ,
You can upload apps as a personal from Manage Apps section using the "Upload an app" feature. It allows us to upload our custom apps by browsing our local directories.
Also you use app setup policies to install and pin apps and control which users can upload custom apps in personal or team context.
Manage app setup policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
In context with Adobe Acrobat App same procedure can be followed to use the app in personal and channel scope.