Auto record transcript and video

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I'm glad we can now set auto record on individual meetings. When I am setting up a reoccurring meeting for a 4 day sessions, the meeting options button is not there.
Is that the same for everyone? Also hoping there will be an option to auto record the transcript too.
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Hi! The meeting options should be there for re occurring meetings too!
They weren't. I had meetings last week for a class that ran 9:30-2:30 four days in a row. I had to go into each one individually.
Hi, We also tried creating recurrence meeting and the meeting option button was enable for us and it auto recorded also. The only time meeting button was not visible was when no participants were added in the meeting.




as much as I am happy that it works for others, the button is not there for me. Only when I go into an individual meeting. 


Hi, Is the meeting option button not visible for every meeting (Includes single day meetings) or only for meetings occurring in series ?
Last week, it would allow me to go into the "meeting Options" in one occurrence and set it. But not the Series. Now the "Meeting Options" button is not showing for either. I did check with our IT department who weren't aware of any changes. When I start to schedule a meeting, should the Meeting Options button be there? or does it only appear at some point during the setting up of the invite. This is the frustrating part with Teams. It's like setting a table for the queen and you hope you have all your forks on the table.
Hi, Since its specifically happening with you, One way around you can try is by creating meetings using outlook. Once you create a meeting the mail will contain a link for meeting options.