Audio module soft keys doesn't work on Teams

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I'm using this docking from HP which I think is great:


The only problem that I'm having is that the soft keys on the top and expecially:

  • mute

  • answer call

  • turn off call

doesn't work with Team either old and new version of that.

Now I have seen this old discussion:

where people where supposing that a firmware update from HP is needed to have them working with Teams and HP is never gonna release it. Now, frankly I don't know but isn't there a way to have them working without a firmware update?


Please note that these soft keys were working with old Skype For Business so I guess teams change some sort of protocol for that. Any hope to have them back working? 

It's kind of disappointing that the device is great and running but neither HP or Microsoft is gonna help doing a very minor update to have it fixed. 

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