asked for scope 'OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite.All' that doesn't exist on the resource

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I'm trying to get Auth. code for OnlineMeetingsReadWrite.All scope. But it returns an error said: "The application 'HSR Teams Integration' asked for scope 'OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite.All' that doesn't exist on the resource '00000003-0000-0000-c000-000000000000'. Contact the app vendor.". 

I checked everthing triple times and I can't still figure out where is the problem. 

Here is my request:



Here is my api permissions:



We also have application access policy for this application. Why I'm getting this error ? 

I checked that client id is correct

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@yunuselcipatika-Thanks for reporting your issue.
We will investigate this issue and get back to you.
@yunuselcipatika-We are trying to repro the error but getting some issue. We are checking with the internal team and let you know once we get any update. Thanks!

@yunuselcipatika -Could you please share the request-id and timestamp, so that we are investigate it from our end? 

Trace ID: 890cb7e0-27e8-4c35-a2da-7479cd620500
Correlation ID: 5f6bb41f-c93d-4002-acdf-ed7094ee9ede
Timestamp: 2022-11-17 07:29:41Z&state=12345#
@yunuselcipatika - Thank you for providing details, we are informing the engineering team and get back to you, once we get any update.
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@yunuselcipatika - If you change the 'scope' param in your request to Onlinemeetings.ReadWrite, which is a user permission, it should work.

Onlinemeetings.ReadWrite.All is actually an application permission, which requires you to follow the client credentials flow to get a token
Could you please try it once?

@yunuselcipatika - Could you please share your valuable feedback via Microsoft Teams Developer Feedback link .