Approvals in Teams - How Do I send to a site and channel properly?

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I created a flow that will be used from Power Apps but have been testing it manually.   It is uncomplicated:  just gets some parameters passed from Power Apps and then creates an approval.  


I created a Microsoft 365 group which in turn created a Teams site and I gave it an email address. I used that email address in the approval creation, it ran successfully, but the approval was nowhere to be found.  I then changed it to create the very same approval, but using my email address, and it shows up when I choose Approvals on the left hand navigation.


What I am trying to do is create approvals for an accounting group.  Instead of individual emails I wanted to use a group email address.  Any one of the people in that group can accept the approval, and I used that option for the create action.


Are approvals global for a user in Teams?  In other words, even if I have multiple Teams sites in my organization, are all approvals sent to me lumped together?  Why doesn't the group email work?  I am in the group, didn't see the approval and did not get an email alert that it exists.


It seems quite a common thing to send an approval to a group and have any one member respond, or for that matter, for all members to respond, without having to list them on the create.


Hoping for some help and knowledge on how to do this properly.

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I don’t think group email work as a approver . What I’ve done is extracting members of a group and added them as approvers from there! I searched for an example and found this:


Thanks for the post reply. It does seem to be a workaround, albeit a crappy one. First, there should be no need since a group email should just work. I can imagine what some of the technical hurdles might be. But on a practical basis, I can also imagine a scenario where someone is in a group but then no longer is. Instead of those approvals just no longer being visible, they would remain on his/her Teams view.

I will play with this to see if I might use it, but may shift away from approvals altogether. Ugh.