Application permission for Get Presence is still not working

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Previously, I submitted a request to check the feasibility of using Microsoft Graph API's Get Presence without requiring user sign-in.

During that time, application permission support was not available for this functionality.

I got the link below to get updates regarding the application permission implementation for Get Presence. Link: Microsoft Tech Community - Graph API Presence Application Permissions 


It appears that the feature has been implemented, although it hasn't been reflected in the documentation yet. Document Link: Microsoft Graph API - Presence - Permissions 


Today I have tried to get the presence using the application permission without signing. and i am getting status like 'Waiting for activation'





Could you please help to get an update on this.


Thank you



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We will check this internally and get back to you.



Is there any update on this?

Unfortunately, we do not have any update on this yet. We will keep you posted once we have any updates.



Is there any update on this

We raised a bug for this, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you.