App Studio & displaying SharePoint news comments

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I've recently started experimenting with App Studio to display content from SharePoint in a Teams app. I have it running so that it displays SharePoint comms sites as tabs in the app and people can see the latest news and click through to read the news pages. 


However, the news pages don't displays the comments. Comments are enabled on the SharePoint news pages and a user can go through the browser, read comments, and post more comments, but when you look at the same news page through the Teams app, the whole comments area is just not there. 


Does anyone know how to make the SharePoint news comments show up inside the Teams app? 

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@Jess Meats, Can you please share some screenshots of it.

@Jess Meats ,


Can you please check if the "show title and comments"flag on .





@subhasish-MSFT Where is this flag set? 



This toggle is set on the SharePoint page


@Jess Meats,

Can you please try to create one test page inside the same site with comments enabled and try to use the url in the team manifest. 


I enabled comments on the homepage of one of the comms sites. As with the news pages, it shows up fine in the browser: 


But there's no comments area when I go through the app in Teams: 


The url set in the manifest is 



I can't see where to check in the app/manifest the urls of the precise pages. In Teams, I can open up pages and news items but it doesn't show me the urls of any of them. 

@Jess Meats , 

I had a discussion with internal team and this is by design. Since Teams has a comments mechanism of its own, we did not want to confuse users by showing SharePoint comments in Teams.