API: get video recording link via Microsoft Teams

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Hi teams. What are some ways to get video recording link URLs of a teams meeting via API (Graph/Sharepoint/OneDrive)?
Is it possible to get the recording URL from the calendar event? I do see the embedded video link when I am editing a recorded event in my calendar.


Saw some previous post of getting access via Chat messages - callRecordingUrlhttps://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-365-developer-platform/get-the-link-to-the-recordin... (what are the auth required to make function calls to get this?)
Wondering if there are any update on this, thanks

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@demian123 - As for obtaining the recording URL from the calendar event, it seems that the meeting recording URLs are not directly available from the calendar event details. 

You can get the callRecordingUrl from Graph Beta API under Chat messages:
chatMessage resource type - Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Learn


Prasad Das


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@Prasad_Das-MSFT Thanks for the reply, I tried this but the eventMessageDetail field for channel recording is null in this case when I tried with the Graph Explorer. How to find the recording link for channel recordings?

@demian123 - We are checking this with engineering team. We will update you once we get any info.