An index of DevOp items posted in a Team

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I have a customer making use of the DevOps compose extension

- now they can browse an item from DevOps and post about it and have a conversation


Problem is that a week later someone else will browse the same item and create a new post about it (they may not know it already has been posted about, or find it futile searching for it)

- ie. there are now two posts about the same item

- but there's no place where all posts about the same item are collected


I'd like to see an index of each DevOps item in Teams that has been posted, and when I click on one - it shows me the posts that have been made about it


The only solution I can think of now is to not use the DevOps integration and use Microsoft Lists instead

- this way we get an index of each item and just the one conversation about each item (but this may be limiting if you want multiple posts about each item, for example, to talk about sub-components)

- but it feels like unnecessary/duplicate work to 'create an item in Microsoft List' for each DevOps item we want to talk about

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@John Tropea - This is not possible using existing of Azure DevOps integration. However you can build what you are looking for using Messaging Extension.