allowMeetingChat is not set according to its meetingChatMode in graph api patch request

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When setting the allowMeetingChat and its meetingChatMode (enabled, disabled, limited, unknownFutureValue) it is not set on the meeting object. This is both for v1 and beta version of the api. Other values in the same call are changed like allowAttendeeToEnableMic and allowAttendeeToEnableCamera.


PATCH /..../meeting/id
property: change
REsponse: 200


GET /.../meeting/id
property: old value

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@lsl-immeo - We will check it from our end also and let you know.

@lsl-immeo - We tried to repro this issue from our end, We are able to set allowMeetingChat according to its meetingChatMode in graph API patch with the both version V1 and beta.

Reference Doc:- Update onlineMeeting - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs

@lsl-immeo -Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved or still looking for any help?

@Sayali-MSFT Thanks for your feedback. I will test again, and get back to you.

@Sayali-MSFT It works!

Although I found that if the lobbyBypassSettings is set to invited (People I Invite) and the allowedPresenters is set to everyone. The invited attendees cannot bypass the lobby.
If the allowedPresenters are set to Specific people the lobbyBypassSettings invited-setting works with the invited presenters can bypass the lobby.

Is this as expected?

meetingObj = new OnlineMeeting()
LobbyBypassSettings = new LobbyBypassSetting() {
Scope = "invited",
IsDialInBypassEnabled = false
AllowAttendeeToEnableCamera = true,
AllowAttendeeToEnableMic = true,
AllowMeetingChat = "limited",
AllowedPresenters = "everyone",
IsEntryExitAnnounced = false,
RecordAutomatically = false

Yes. It's right.
Content-Type: application/json

"lobbyBypassSettings": {
"isDialInBypassEnabled": true,
Reference Doc:-Update onlineMeeting - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs