Adding authentication to messaging extension and testing locally.

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Adding authentication to messaging extension and testing locally. Unable to access openUrl hosted on ngrok


Following the steps here to add authentication to a messaging extension:


Working with a messaging extension bot running 2 static pages:


Returns the following card: (using teams app on mac)


               "type": "openUrl",
               "value": "https://*",
               "title": "Sign in to this app"





After clicking the login button on the card it displays the following error: Something went wrong, please try again.


The * domain is already added to the validDomain list


Additional Notes:

using nodejs / botbuilder / TeamsActivityHandler

- service is running on same ngrok domain
- handleTeamsMessagingExtensionFetchTask captures first event on message action
- checks if users has session
- if no session return login card above
stuck here since it wont open a new window loading the static start auth page
works if I point directly to the
I can then redirect back to my close auth page but the notifySuccess doesn't seem to trigger closing the window
- read that this is because I did not initiate the authentication from the same domain


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Are you able to access the URL from browser? Could you please check the URL from the browser?





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Hi @Varaprasad-MSFT,

Thanks for the quick response,


Yes I can access both static pages from my chrome browser.



@MatthewCohen - Could you please share your manifest?


  "$schema": "",
  "manifestVersion": "1.8",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "showLoadingIndicator": true,
  "id": "f9083eaf-0ae8-4331-9653-10080cc36b54",
  "packageName": "{{PACKAGE_NAME}}",
  "developer": {
    "name": "brightidea",
    "websiteUrl": "https://{{HOSTNAME}}",
    "privacyUrl": "https://{{HOSTNAME}}/privacy.html",
    "termsOfUseUrl": "https://{{HOSTNAME}}/tou.html"
  "icons": {
    "color": "color.png",
    "outline": "outline.png"
  "name": {
    "short": "BI Test 1",
    "full": "BI Test 1"
  "description": {
    "short": "TODO: add short description here",
    "full": "TODO: add full description here"
  "accentColor": "#D85028",
  "bots": [
      "botId": "aa38ad8c-5635-49c2-80b6-e3b0d2b47333",
      "scopes": [
      "supportsFiles": false,
      "isNotificationOnly": false
  "composeExtensions": [
      "botId": "aa38ad8c-5635-49c2-80b6-e3b0d2b47333",
      "canUpdateConfiguration": false,
      "commands": [
          "id": "createIdea",
          "type": "action",
          "title": "Create Idea",
          "description": "Create an idea from a message",
          "initialRun": true,
          "fetchTask": true,
          "context": [
          "parameters": [
              "name": "param",
              "title": "param",
              "description": ""
  "permissions": [
  "validDomains": [


Thanks for sharing the manifest , we are checking internally and get back to you on this.
@MatthewCohen, are you still facing this issue? Could you please check this sample for [messaging extension Authentication](