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We have been trying to add a SharePoint site to Teams and pinning to the Org-wide, so that everyone in the organization is able to view the SharePoint site pinned on the left side bar in the Teams.

App studio application was used build the package and deploy to the teams.


We were successfully able to host the SharePoint as an app and pin to the Left side bar Org-wide, but the issue which we are facing is we are not able to view the Top navigation bar which we have set up on the SharePoint site.


The issue is same on the Teams Web app and Client app.


Screenshot without Top navigation in Teams:



Screenshot of the SharePoint site:



We need help in resolving this and enable the Top navigation to show for the SharePoint site hosted on Teams Client application


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We were able to show the Top navigation of SP communication site on the Teams client app/web app by adding a below for the content Url parameter under the Static tabs on the app created using app studio:


"contentUrl": ""


However, now the issue is when any link on the top navigation is clicked for the second time, the top navigation along the with site name disappears.  We believe the issue is because of the redirection of pages in the Teams application



1. When the Site loads:



2. When top nav link is clicked for the second time



Any help is highly appreciated.


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Are you aware of Viva Connections? With Viva Connections you can just deploy a SPO Home Site as an App in Teams and honor site navigation. Microsoft initially provided a script to gerate the App and that script allowed you to deploy multiple SharePoint sites as Apps in Teams
SharePoint top navigation bar doesn't show up in Microsoft Teams client. This is ByDesign.

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hi Juan, Thanks for your response.  I am not aware of Viva Connections, but would like give it a try and check on it.  If possible, could you please share related links/documents for this scenario using Viva Connection.

Please refer below doc:
Add Viva Connections desktop to Microsoft Teams - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs
Guide to setting up Viva Connections (Preview) - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs


Prasad Das


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@mahendra89 - Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with above suggestion or still looking for any help?
Hi @Prasad_Das-MSFT,

The link shows a central SharePoint like Tenant level landing page hosting on Teams using VIVA connections package. We want to Host a specific SharePoint site on the Teams application along with that Site's Top navigation.

As we are able to currently host a specific site successfully on Teams except the Top navigation, is there any way to bring up its Top navigation to be displayed on Teams App as well?

There seems to be no alternate way to display top navigation bar of SharePoint in Microsoft Teams client