Add Cloud Storage with Graph API

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I am currently creating a tool which allows us to automatically create teams based on an external source.

Most settings could be manged via the Graph API (members, tabs, channels). 


I would like to add an additional cloud storage source (Sharepoint Document Library) to the files tab but i couldn't find any description how to do so. Neither via the Graph API or any other way that could be automated. 

Is this currently not possible?


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Hi @ReinhardK

[Updated] Feedback open for this after migrated from Uservoice 

Would recommend you vote on it to help push it up the agenda. Once you vote on it you will be notified if Microsoft pick it up. I think it will be a good add so I have also voted

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hello, did you found a way to create the Document Library?

I'm trying to create a specific folder "Class Materials" but can't find a way
More details of my issue

I've added a request to the (new) feedback portal. Please vote for it.