Add a PowerApp to Teams store

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Is it possible to submit a PowerApp to the Teams store ? 
similar to this -

My goal is to make this app available here like the other apps listed in the screenshot attached.



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@LalitPandey Please follow this documentation to upload your custom app to Teams App Catalog.

Thanks. I've followed this documentation and I was getting an error when validating my application in teams validator app.
My question is specific to powerApp if it was possible to publish a powerApp in teams store?

@LalitPandey - Could you please share your manifest?

I've attached the manifest. I can also share my app package if needed.
when I first tried this in the app validator , it displayed an error saying "The file does not contain the "manifestVersion" property"

After I updated the manifest with the version  "manifestVersion": "1.10" , it fixed the manifest version error but displays other different errors-


So I was think if it was even possible to publish a PowerApp to the Teams App catalogue?

or are there any set of prerequisites or steps to follow to publish a PowerApp


@Sridevi-MSFT   just checking if you could help me with this?