AdaptiveCard is not rendered on Android

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Hi! I having this message AdaptiveCard message but on some versions of android the AdaptiveCard is not rendered (empty block). I am using 1.4 version of AdaptiveCard. Is there any limitations of Android SO version? What I can do?


Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 11.52.53.png


Thank you!



    "type": "message",
    "inputHint": "acceptingInput",
    "attachments": [
        "content": {
          "body": [
              "text": "¿Lorem ipsum?",
              "type": "TextBlock",
              "wrap": true,
              "weight": "Bolder"
              "text": "Pregunta 1",
              "type": "TextBlock",
              "wrap": true,
              "isSubtle": true
          "type": "AdaptiveCard",
          "actions": [
              "data": {
                "org": "test",
                "type": "answer",
                "answer": "1",
                "chatId": "2505",
                "locale": "es",
                "msteams": {
                  "text": ":crying_face:",
                  "type": "messageBack",
                  "displayText": ":crying_face:"
                "options": [
                  { "text": ":crying_face:", "value": "1" },
                  { "text": ":slightly_frowning_face:", "value": "2" },
                  { "text": ":)", "value": "3" },
                  { "text": ":D", "value": "4" },
                  { "text": ":smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:", "value": "5" }
                "questionId": "1",
                "questionText": "Lorem ipsum",
                "questionContextText": "Pregunta 1"
              "type": "Action.Submit",
              "title": ":crying_face:",
              "$schema": "",
              "version": "1.4"
        "contentType": "application/"
    "attachmentLayout": "list"



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We will check on it and let you know the updates.

@polbac -We are unable to repro the issue. it's working fine for us.
Teams Version:-1416/1.0.0

Android Version:-8.1.0

Could you just check it once or share the Repro steps?


@Sayali-MSFT Thanks for the response!

I'm part of @polbac 's team.


The Adaptative Card is working. We have this chatbot deployed and working on teams across many platforms (Android, IOS & Web).


The problem that polbac stated, is that it seems that in certain OS or APP Version this adaptative card didn't showed, and only appeared a blank message.


We need to understand if there is a retro-compatibility issue and when this message became available, so we can do 2 things:

- Ask our clients to have installed Teams version X or up

- Change the way the message is sent so it's 100% retrocompatible with any platform/version.


Can you help us with that?



@alanszp - Have you tried it once with lower adaptive card version like (1.0 , 1.2)?

@Sayali-MSFT No, but the problem is that I dont know how to reproduce the problem, so even if I lower the version, it may have problems on previous versions of Teams app.


I have the following questions:

- Do you have a way to test it in previous versions of Teams app?

- Do you have a Changelog of the Teams app so we can search which versions are not supported?


Thank you


@alanszp - Download rollbacks of Microsoft Teams for Android and Test it in previous versions of Teams app.
Reference Link:-
Thanks for the link!

I dont have an Android cellphone. Do you know other way to reproduce it?

Do you have a CHANGELOG of the android app?
Also, do you have the previous versions for IOS?

@Sayali-MSFT Our users didn't reported yet, but it seems a retrocompatibility issue, so we must make sure that all apps are working ok.


Here are my questions:


1) Do you have a CHANGELOG of the android app?
2) Also, do you have the previous versions for IOS?

3) Do you have a CHANGELOG of the IOS app?

Thank you very much for your response!

Unfortunately, the link you sent is for Mac and not IOS, do you have for IOS?
@alanszp -Sorry we don't have for IOS.
Sorry to bother you again, but the link provided for the Android App Changelog isnt what it stated.

Its an open source lib to make changelog visible to the user but it's not the Teams Android APP Changelog.

I need the latest one so I can verify and keep track all the new features that are not supported in old versions and the timeframe that they were uploaded, so I can make sure to have retrocompatibility for 1/2 year apps.

@alanszp- We are check it with our engineering team for Teams Android APP Changelog.
once we get update let you know.