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Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 11.05.28 PM.pngHi, 

What I'm doing is in onInstallationUpdateAdd of my ActivityHandler I want to render an oAuth popup card, so that I can later pull user/team details, create a new channel and post in it. Instead of bot dialog I'm trying to send an ActiveCard. I added oauth connection to my bot with props:

clientId: my app's id,

client secret: secret generated in certificates and secrets of my app

grant_type: authorization_code

login url: 

tenantId: copied from my app

resource url:

scopes: User.Read.All,TeamSettings.Read.All





const userTokenClient = context.turnState.get(context.adapter.UserTokenClientKey);

const { signInLink } = await userTokenClient.getSignInResource(
      const ssoCard = CardFactory.oauthCard(
        this.connectionName, // Replace with the name of your Azure AD connection
        'Sign In',
        'Please sign in to install Matterapp',

      await context.sendActivity({
        attachments: [





I see no errors, no logs, and teams bot chat shows an empty rectangle. What do I do wrong? Can the auth be prompted like that (still struggling to find how to show adaptive card in a popup though). 


Thank you

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@dmsaprykin -


oAuth Card is a different type of card. It should not be rendered in adaptive card. Please check the Using Cards sample. Which uses rich cards - BotBuilder-Samples/mainDialog.js at 901bc140f5aa300fbfa852e64afd7c65fceebff9 · microsoft/BotBuilder-...





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Thank you Meghana! And as for popup (Dialog box) it only available for tasks, right? Can bot proactively invoke a task so that I present user with a series of dialog boxes as a welcome experience.
It is not possible to directly open a task module proactively.