Adaptive Card Width issue for @Mention Tags

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I have an adaptive card being published to a team channel using power automate with 

"msteams": {
"width": "Full"

 specified in the structure. If I pass just the users name and other details the card renders properly to the maximum width. However if I add a tag (@mentions) - the card collapses to the default width. I have tried to use both the <at> tag as well as the "Get @mention token for user" action. Both have the same result.

Any suggestions on how I can get the full width and the tag?




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This is a known issue, we already have a bug created for this. We will let you know once the bug is fixed.

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I was able to solve it by specifying the details in entities section instead of using a direct at tag or "Get @mention token for user" action
"msteams": {
"width": "Full",
"entities": [
"type": "mention",
"text": "<at>...</at>",
"id": "....",
"name": "...."