Adaptive card is not showing in IPhone


I am using power automate to post an adaptive card into a channel in Teams, this works fine on the web, and desktop applications. But the card does not show on the mobile app from iPhone 8 .

It only shows the flow bot logo and an empty space on the mobile. Any ideas ?

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@Daniel_Herrera_Germany  could you please try to update the Teams Mobile build to latest build and see if you can repro it again?

@Trinetra-MSFT same as before, mobile app is at latest. and adaptive cards cannot be seen. 

luckyly they work on the web and desktop application. 


but still have not find a solution yet. 

i have the same issue too . i found out that i can't get notification if the bot setting is notification only bot ! .but if allows the bot to send it is working !!!!.




issue seems to be solved now, those adaptive card never were fixed, but the new one coming from last Monday on are correct, guess Microsoft fixed the issue

@Daniel_Herrera_Germany It could be problem with the adaptive card. If we use column set in adaptive card, I observed issue in mobile earlier. So, Please check by removing some of the adaptive card properties.

@Subba_Reddi_Tummuru issue was solved, only those adaptive cards of that specific week did not work, anything from last week Monday on is coming fine. we did not change the code nor updated the cards. 


issue must have been solved by Microsoft. all is fine now. but no idea why did this happen for a week