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MS Teams application ...

I send Adaptive Card to the client and Bot handles card actions. How can I add/implement copy-paste functionality?

  1. Client will copy the card to the clipboard and send it to a different client.

P.S.: I implemented "Link unfurling" functionality and can see "Copy" menu button but there is no one in the original Adaptive Card that I sent using ConnectorClient.Conversations.SendToConversationAsync(messageActivity).


  1. Why there is no "Copy" menu button in the original message. How can I add it or find workaround (additional button, or card link or unfurling or something else)? 
  2. I created "Share Message" functionality using MessagingExtension (...=>"More actions" => "Share Message") and can display the card (unfurling) in the chat (can swith a client and send it) but how can I close the message ? I can just close it using "backspace" button. It looks strange...  
  3. I thought that the actions of copied Adaptive Card won't work from a different channel (not Bot, Client to Client). But ... I found that I can call card actions from a different channels (not Client-Bot chat) and bot handles the actions but ... I send messages from the Bot (response) and can't see it in channel and ... card displays "Unable to reach app. Please try again."  Bot catched the following exception: "Operation returned an invalid status code 'Forbidden'", Code: "BotNotInConversationRoster", "The bot is not part of the conversation roster." Is it forbidden? How can I handle it (sending messages from the bot or display something or block sending answers (response) or I need to block actions from a different channels because it's unsupported)?
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We are looking into the issue.We will update you.

Copy-Paste is not supported for Adaptive Cards. However it is supported for Messaging Extension/Link Unfurling.

Thank you.
Maybe ... Are there any ways to send adaptive card from outside (Azure function) that will be (look) like "Messaging Extension/Link Unfurling" message?
Link Unfurling - I found that card-link is cached. Can I generate a new one or swith off the cache (or update the cache) ?
And ... Could you answer on question 3) ("BotNotInConversationRoster"), please? What about copied (or sent via MessagingExtension, unfurling for example ) Adaptive Card actions ... If I try to UpdateActivityAsync(...) I'll receive "Operation returned an invalid status code 'Forbidden'" exception. How can I update Card of MessagingExtension by Messaging Extension Card Button Click? Can I update/delete card of "Messaging Extension/Link Unfurling" message?

For Question 3 - Can you confirm that you have uploaded bot for organization or for yourself?
For UpdateActivityAsync(...) - Could you share the repro steps?As far as I understand you have sent a card using messaging extension and now you are trying to update it with the same card.
"uploaded bot for organization or for yourself?"
What do you mean? I can say that I installed it to myself. (Chat Bot - User).
Any differences?
Also. I can confirm that I added additional scopes like "Team & Group Chat", add it to Group Chat (User1- User 2 - Bot) and in that case I can update Adaptive Card using UpdateActivityAsync(...) but .. In general ... What about messages (with Adaptive Card) that I send using "Messaging Extension/Link Unfurling". Can I update it after card action? I mean private chat (User - Bot) and external Chat (User - User)?
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@Paul_By - As per my understanding, we do not have a way to update the adaptive card send through "Messaging Extension/Link Unfurling" but we can update/refresh the normal adaptive card sent through turnContext.SendActivityAsync() via message reference id/conversation id.


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