Activity Tab of Chat Bot is not shown in Microsoft Team Mobile

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Hi Team

I developed chat bot feature integrated with Tab Application. This is my staticTabs config in manifest file:



The Activity tab is where user can find the new messages from Chat Bot. It looks like:


But on Microsoft Team Mobile, The Activity Tab was disappeared. I also could not find the About tab too:



is that by design behavior?



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Hi Team,

Does anyone know this issue?

Thank you for reporting this issue, we will check this at our end and get back to you. Could you please let us know if you are checking this in Android or iOS mobile?

@Thanh_Nguyen1050 - The conversation tab appears on web or desktop depending on where you add the conversation tab in the staticTabs array. As per the doc it seems like it is by design behavior for Conversation and about tab being visible only on Web/Desktop.



That means this is an limitation on MS Team mobile? do you have a plan to improve it?
We will check this and update you.
Unfortunately, there aren't any plans right now. The document will be updated if this feature is implemented. Thank you for your understanding.