About subscription teams channel to get change notifications

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I subscribed to teams channel through the Graph API: Create subscription 

In the normal processing case below:


I can correctly parse the change notification chat message content by the following code.


But when the following error occurs in the program, i get chatMessage.EventDetail is empty.



When this error message appears, how should I get the chatMessage.EventDetail content correctly ?

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@ShawnLien1129 - Could you please share the screenshot in English language and share the error message which you are getting?

@Nivedipa-MSFT , thanks

When this error occurs, the value of chatMessage.EventDetail received is null.


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@ShawnLien1129 - The call recording was not uploaded. It's getting error, so the event was not completed. Thats why the eventDetails are empty.
If the recording was uploaded in Teams succesfully, then the event was completed and will get the details of an event.

There is no way to get the chatMessage.EventDetails when the recording was failed to upload.

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Except for change notifications, is there any other api that i can get the download link info for this error message ? Thanks.



@ShawnLien1129Currently we don't have any API to get video recording link of a meeting or to download the recorded video. 

Could you please share your valuable feedback via Microsoft Teams Developer Community Response Feedback link.


=> Done.