3rd Party OAuth (Okta) Teams issue resolution: Delete PreAuth.json

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Hi Community,


I am trying to figure out why deleting the preauth.json file from appdata rooming folder solves the MS Teams loading errors.   See errors:


While Teams is open:

  • We ran into a problem. Reconnecting...
    • We weren't able to access your conversations.

At launch of Teams APP

  • We're sorry -- we've run into an issue.


I am wondering if there is a setting in the preauth.json file that could resolve these common issues with Okta OAuth.  I made a copy of the preauth.json before I delete and the newly created preauth.json file and don't see any difference.   But removing that file solves the issues.


Any information would be most welcomed. 





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@Shazam13 - Due to some security reasons Teams does not allow the preauth.json, as teams has a condition "meetingAddinMeetingUrlMismatch": true. This is by design. If you want to make this available in teams - Could please go and upvote this user Voice?


I am not sure what you mean by "Teams does not allow the preauth.json, as teams has a condition..."  The preauth.json file is automatically generated when Teams app launches.  Basically I have to delete this file when Teams will not load properly in order to get to the Okta OAuth.  I was wondering why this is a common issue and if there was a setting in the preauth.json file that could eliminate these issues.

@Shazam13 - due to some security reasons teams does not allow preauth.json. Please upvote the use voice.