Windwos 10 2004 spreading ... how can I stop it?

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Hello everyone,

Currently we do not have Windows 10 Servicing for 2004, therefore there is no reason why 2004 should be spreading through my environment, but it is. As of today, I came to find out that we have 24 installations for 2004. My users aren't local administrators, yet I have a feeling that it's being installed through Windows Updates. Is there a way to stop the spreading of it?



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I was able to fix this by using Select when Private Builds and Feature Updates are received policy...set this to 365 days and apply to all Windows 10 devices and took care of it.

I'm still baffled as it seems that this feature update is 'force' down to devices - all my users (all 39 devices who go the update) reported that they didn't manually go to Windows Updates and approved the installation. Even some of my kiosk devices, which have no active users logged on, got this update.

@Ed_Gonz Could this update have been approved directly in WSUS on your SUP server?