While backing up NTFS deduplicated volume as the source, Replica creation is really slow

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I am evaluating system center 2019 data protection manager and am experiencing slow backups with a NTFS deduplicated volume as the source. Backing up a regular NTFS volume however, is rather rapid.

I probed into the log files at C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center\DPM\DPM\Temp\DPMRACurr.errlog and found the same error recurring again and again, at a rate of ~50 entries/second.


The repeating error reads; 
145C 16A4 10/15 07:49:07.658 18 fsutils.cpp(4064) 0069609D-6069-4582-BA92-518C7B553B95 WARNING Failed: Hr: = [0x80070002] : Encountered Failure: : lVal : HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(dwError)


I have googled and found others with the same problem and without a posted solution.


Please Help Me.



The backup completes after 11 hours and the update to 2019 UR2 apparently resolves the issue of inconsistent replica. The error message though, spans across ~40 error files of 15MB each.

I have 1.4TB of dedup data and 1.2TB of space savings.

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Hi @kevinpekwk,


The Update Rollup 2 for DPM 2019 does resolve the issue with replicas that becomes inconsistent on deduplicatated NTFS volumes.


Overall there have been many slowness concerns in the latter DPM versions, but I would also higher encourage you to keep your Windows Server operating systems up-to-date as they also have some updates that fixes slowness issues.


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@Leon Laude Yup. The backups are running fine and I am able to restore the files. I do have the latest updates Windows Server 2019 has to offer. The only problem is the persistent error whenever backups occurs.