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Hi Team, I'm quite new to SCORCH and I'm experiencing an issue with very basic task. I'm trying to create a user and enable it. It's creating but not getting enabled. PF error below.


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Hi @ranjithckm7,


In the Create User runbook activity you need to specify a "Container Distinguished Name", if you don't set a "Configuration Default Parent Container" in the Prerequisite Configuration Settings of the Active Directory integration pack.

Also note that the Create User runbook activity creates a disabled user, it should always be followed by a Enable User runbook activity.


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@Leon Laude I have configured "Configuration Default Parent Container" in active directory option and result of that it get's creating user account in disabled manner and as i read somewhere else, without setting password during a user creation leads to this issue and I have verified the same by adding password. Thanks.

So it all works?
When creating a user, you must provide a password.

@Leon Laude  Yes It works. But I'm not sure if it's the right way.

The correct way is to create a user, providing a username and password, once that is done, you enable the user.