Strange errors and crashes in DPM2019

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I've had some strange issues with DPM. The details are below.

As I'm running out of hairs to pull (not that I have many left at my age), any help is more than appreciated. :|


Thanks, everyone. Emanuel


Customer is trying to use DPM 2019 and Tape library e HPE MSL 2024 with firmware version e 7.20 / 3.20e

Device is in the certified tape library list System Center DPM 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019: Compatible Tape Libraries | Microsoft Docs

Tape drive is  HPE Ultrium 8-SCSI with firmware version e M571.

DPM services are crashing when customer tries to scan the library (pictures in the PDF attached). Do you have any idea what can be the cause?


Also customer tries to protect Hyper-V 2019 server and Windows Server 2019 server virtual machines. Errors in the PDF attached are appearing regarding Windows Server 2008 R2 updates needed although there is no Windows Server 2008 R2 on Hyper-V or VM

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