Service Manager 2019 UR2

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Has anyone else installed this? I'm going from RTM straight to UR2


Firstly there's a step to disable the DW job schedules and no corresponding step to re-enable them again so surely anyone following this will end up with no syncing DW anymore as none of the jobs will trigger after following the instructions, unless I'm missing something?


Secondly the instructions get you to delete all the cubes, change a couple of data types in the SSAS views and then reimport the cubes management packs afterwards. The problem is that that management pack bundle hasn't been updated by the patch (it tells you to reimport cubes.mpb from the service manager directory). So you change a couple of data types from int to decimal, reimport the existing cubes management pack bundle which then errors trying to recreate the cubes because source and target data types now differ - because you've just changed them.


I don't know if the patch was supposed to replace the mpb file with a newer version that expects decimal or something but it hasn't in our environment, I can't find an updated version anywhere inside the patch file and it isn't listed under files modified in the article.


Fortunately I was able to snapshot the whole environment before the attempt so rolled back and have now installed the update again, skipped the whole "After the installation" section and just did the provider update section instead. Everything seems fine and the cubes all processed successfully last night.


Has anyone else tried this yet and had similar issue?





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