SCVMM209 Bare Metal OS Deployment stops at "Enabling Hyper-V"

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I cannot get the bare-metal deployment of Windows 2019 by SCVMM2019 onto HP Blade servers.  It always fails on the same place.  When it is Enabling Hyper-V.  I have used the GUI and PowerShell it always stops/fails at the same place.



In SCVMM2019 with a sysprepped Win2019 Data Centre image published in the VMM Library.  All servers are running Win2019 DC - SQL Server is a remote SQL 2017


After the process runs for a while....Transferring and Converting the vhd….the iLO screen shows it is "Enabling Hyper-V".  after a short while it stops and shows the error:

Error: 80004005: Unspecified error

Press shift-F10 to open …….a log is at x:\vmm\vmmagentpe.exe.log

That file does not say much....but there is a DISM log file and that contains errors, which includes:

dism cbs error 0x800f0830 cbs_e_image_unserviceable - all other errors seem to relate to this topic


I have seen "" - but it is very difficult to understand what the steps are as it is in German


Any suggestions?



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Did anyone have things for me to look at or try?


I would appreciate any help here.