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My wife’s company uses SCCM, not sure what version, and when she powers off her computer it does not automatically install any pending updates when she restarts. She has to explicitly choose to install updates and restart which is a pain and easy to miss. Why does this happen?
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might be maintenance window defined, which allow computers to automatically restart in the defined window. 

As per the suggestion above, it could be the "Maintenance Window" and when the updates are set to kick in. The other thing that would also affect other applications not just updates though from getting installed "automatically" (required) would be the "Client Settings" under "Computer Agent" > "Additional software manages the deployment of applications and software updates" it should be set to "No", unless they are running SCCM 2012R2 or using something like 1E/Adaptiva that would require that to be set to "Yes" I hope this helps :)

@Dean Gross  Its due to Maintenance window defined and Wake on Lan feature which must be enabled properly in the environment so even though machine is power off and connected over internet\Lan based on policy it will bring up automatically which is set in update deployment. Also some updates required mandatory reboot so sometimes without restart updates are not getting auto installed.
1) Need to check and define maintenance window.

2) At update deployment WOL properly functioning.

3) Machine must be connected to power plug and LAN.

4) Exception for some update those required mandatory restart and remaining those dependent cant get installed without this reboot.

@Dean Gross Another possibility you could check Dean is if you open Software Center from the start menu, on the options tab under computer maintenance, there is an option there to "automatically install or uninstall required software and restart the computer only outside of the specified business hours"  if that is ticked, the updates will only automatically install outside of the indicated business hours.

Business hours are shown on the same tab further up under work information.  


With our company we design our updates to not bother the users as much as we can so they will try to run overnight for a week or two and it will do any required restarts then and after that period a deadline will kick in and force the updates to install but will still prompt the user for nearly 8 hrs before forcing a restart to complete the update. 

During that time the updates will also be available in software center for users who prefer to have control of when they do their updates.  Software center also has a notification area icon prompt to say the updates are available if they want to install. (I would say this is what you are seeing)

 Maybe just try ignoring the updates for a couple of weeks and see if they just install automatically anyway.  maybe you don't actually need to do the installs yourself.