RE:- OSD Spooler Issues localspl.dll (Mui OSD)

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MECM Config Manager CB (2103) 

Windows 10 21H1



So we have an issue where we have a vanilla wim serviced with August 2021 CU slipstreamed and built via a MECM TS and the build is successful.


After the build the Spooler Service crashes with a 0x3e5 error in event viewer associated with  localspl.dll.


I think this is related to the language packs as it has MUI versions and a version mis match post #printhell patching. ( See Attached )


We have managed to workaround the issue by applying Sept21 CU as part of the build but this approach is not ideal as it adds time to the build and stops us with servicing going forwards.


Anyone any ideas is this a bug or a sequencing of steps issue???




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We have the same Issue with 20H2. Installing 2021-10 CU with DISM /online during OSD worked for us too but as you said, is not ideal.


I believe this may be related to the latest #PrintNightmare patches which do not work correctly with offline serviced MUI-Images. Just guessing though.

@simplywing This ended up being an incorrect LXP language pack.


Once we paired a new LXP with the CU then it worked fine albeit frustrating you have to do this monthly.