Licensing SCCM in a cluster environment

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To my knowledge, server MLs follow the same core-based licensing model as Windows Server.  Meaning, you would need to license all physical nodes in a cluster, correct?


Is it possible to set the virtual machine affinity to one of the hosts within a cluster, and the only way the virtual machine would be off loaded to another host is if that particular host is down?


From my understanding, SCCM follows the same Product Terms of Use as Windows Server, so you have to license the appropriate number of licenses on each of the physical hosts in the cluster.  Just needing to verify this for SCCM server MLs.

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@ChapmanBryan Do you know if I need an SCCM license for all ESXi hosts in a cluster or can I use afinity rules to keep Windows Servers running on 3 or 6 hosts and only license those 3 ESXi hosts?