How can i escalate case?

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I opened a case#119122423000026 with MS support team last week regarding Bare Metal Recovery from Data Protection Manager.

I have spoken with 3 different engineers who have just observed the issue and told me that someone will call me back. I demanded last technician to transfer me to line manager but she said that someone will call me back ASAP.

Its been 5 days and I am still waiting for a call back from MS Support Team.

Can anyone please help me to escalate this case to right team @Tony Redmond @Russell Read @Mark Weusten @Anne Michels?




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Still got no update from Microsoft support team......

MS support sucks.... still going nowhere


DPM team blaming WSB team

Hello Michael,

As discussed on the Team session, I have already shown you that the BMR backup was showing successful on DPM server and moreover the BMR backup is done from WSB so there would be nothing we can find from the DPM logs.

If you state that we will not be able to restore using the DPM backup then please provided us a valid reason why it happened and how we can avoid this in future so that Khawar have something to present it to his internal team.


DPM Engineer


WSB team blaming DPM

Thanks very much for your time over the call today!

This is Estelle, who is the Escalation Engineer of Michael. As we discussed on the call, according to our previous tests, we could find that under the successful/correct configured windows server backup or DPM backup, when we run the command “wbadmin get versions”, “Bare Metal Recovery” will be listed after the “can recover” like below screenshot.



However, for the issue “not able to restore the BMR backup”, obviously it caused we couldn’t get BMR information in “can recover” of backup version. So we suspect that the reason of this issue is that there must be some errors generated in DPM when we were doing BMR backup for the issue server before.  


Regarding to the question “why the later test DPM BMR on another server could be recovered”, I would like to explain that they couldn’t be compared because they are created for different servers at different time.

Based on the current status, we have checked all windows information and since the original server didn’t exist now, we need DPM engineer to investigate their logs further to find the reason why the DPM BMR backup didn’t created successfully/completely.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards,

Can anyone please tell me how to get to a tech who understands the issue? @Russell Read