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I might have missed the news, but has there been any official announcement on Orchestrator part of System Center, regarding it's development? 

So far I believe the development and bugfixing for this software is non-existent, hence I'd like to ask what do you see as future automation platform for on-premise? 

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To the least - upgrade it to deal with 64-bit Powershell natively, or add a SCSM connector to Azure Automation to simplify the move to Azure Automation.

While not about Orchestrator explicitly, this page, and the one it links to, may be somewhat informative:



As for Orchestrator, I believe the second to the last line in that post says quite a bit.


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On the other hand, I've watched in the meanwhile Ignite statement, which is confirming my worries:
In short, MS would be releasing a "migration toolkit" which I doubt would cover all Orchestrator solutions (think custom IPs, vmware and other).

In other words, we would need to seemingly move some workloads to Microsoft Flow (which is a great automation product otherwise) or Azure Automation. Unfortunately this adds a lot of complexity when building workflows, and SCOM->Orchestrator integration is good example. 

It is a total scandal that Microsoft have ignored the Orchestrator 32bit part for years. With all the workarounds you have to do to make ORCH Powershell activities 64bit Powershell 5. It is a great mystery why they haven't fixed it.