False Alerts in SCOM?

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Hi Guys!

After updating all the management packs to the current version we are receiving multiple critical alerts. Many management packs were not updated for almost 5-10 years. Our SCOM is right now getting flooded with critical alerts (check screenshot) and we do not know why. Most of the alerts are referring to SQL Servers.


There is no reason for it actually. Some of the alerts tell, that the free memory is low, BUT as you can see in the screenshots of the performance view, there is no memory spike or something like that. And the thresholds have not been reached at all. Let me paste some of the SCOM Alerts in here, so you get some better impression about what i am speaking here.

Let me show you which one as an example:


1) SSAS: Other processes have allocated too much memory
The amount of memory prescribed by Total Memory Limit setting may be not available for SSAS, because other processes have allocated too much memory (46.9640045166016 GB). Total memory on the server: 127.966285705566 GB Total memory usage: 47.0368003845215 GB Memory used by non-SSAS processes: 46.9640045166016 GB Memory used by SSAS: 7.27958679199219E-02 GB SSAS Memory Limit Low: 83.1780853271484 GB (64.9999997018983%) SSAS Memory Limit High: 102.373031616211 GB (80.0000023848139%)


So the Memory Limit Low would be if my server consumes 83.178 GB Memory, which is not the case at all as you can see. It is only using 47.037 GB Memory. And even then it should have only created a warning instead of a critical alert due to the fact that it is the Limit Low and not the Limit High... So why the hell is it still triggering?!?



Hier die Screenshots:

Updated MPs today:

Updated MPs.png


Screenshot 2021-12-04 164426.png

Performance Monitoring of two different Servers:

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).pngMicrosoftTeams-image (7).png


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