Different ways of SCOM Integration with Third Party Applications

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We have a application which needs to be integrated with SCOM. We were using various methods from management group for getting different data. But as per documentation : 



GetMonitoringPerformanceData() and some other similar performance API are now obsolete.

Now we are exploring alternatives to using this.


Can you help with below questions:

1) Should we change the entire data collection mechanism from SCOM SDK to something else or just find a workaround for obsolete api's and wouldn't it break the consistency?

2) What are the possibilities of using SQL Query approach instead of SCOM SDK, and what are performance issues based on this approach? What are the resources where in detail i can get idea about using SQL query approach. Here i can see a mention of using sql as a way https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/system-center/scom/plan-thirdparty-integration?view=sc-om-2019.

3) How can connectors and orchestrators be used here for getting data from SCOM. Where can i get detailed documentation for using this approach?

4) What are possibilites of using REST API approach, as mentioned here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/operationsmanager/. But there are no API's for getting events data and similarly many other data. Also response of API does not contain detailed data for example in case of alerts very limited data is given compared to SCOM SDK.


Thanks a lot.

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@AnishJain2210 Hello! I appreciate you thinking of me, but I am a general community manager for the Tech Community and not a product expert. If you have a question relating to the Tech Community website, I'm happy to help, but I can't answer any product queries. Sorry about that.

Hello @AnishJain2210,


May I ask you nicely to create a question in the dedicated SCOM forums over at the TechNet forums?

Here's the link to the forum:


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Hello Anish - Thank you for your feedback. Can you please write me an email (System Center Feedback <systemcenterfeedback@microsoft.com>) with a list of commonly used APIs and usage scenarios ?

Hello @AnishJain2210 - We have enabled the SCOM SDK APIs and removed Obsolete tags for majority of them. The obsolete APIs can be still be used across SCOM versions. Additionally, we have fixed the navigation from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/.

For the REST API piece, Please feel free to write me at System Center Feedback <systemcenterfeedback@microsoft.com>




@AakashMSFT  Thanks a lot for your response.
But there are many apis which are still shown obsolete.





Is it the case that they are yet to be updated?

Hi @AakashMSFT,


I can see that there are various updates now. On this link, we can see the new command mentioned to be used instead of this one. 


We were using GetMonitoringPerformanceDataReader() and it did not have any parameters to be passed in this function. The replacement for this would be GetMonitoringPerformanceDataReader(MonitoringPerformanceDataCriteria). So, we need to compulsory pass criteria in it.


Earlier the case was it brought all data and our use case remain the same, so we need to chose a condition that brings all the data.

These were some criteria we thought of:

  • CounterName LIKE '%'
  • CounterName IS NOT NULL
  • CounterName LIKE '%' OR CounterName IS NULL
  • CounterName is NULL OR CounterName IS NOT NULL

It might be the case that in our environment we don't get certain events or edge case events.


Can you suggest what would be the best criteria which we can use so that our functionality works the same before replacing it with new command?