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Hello World!

I currently have the phenomenon that newly created applications and also the updates from Patch Tuesday do not appear in the Software Center (old ones are shown). After a randomly few days, the deployments appear all at once (without me setting or changing anything). After that, the deployments reappear promptly and without problems.
The packages, on the other hand, are deployed without problems and promptly.
I don't see anything abnormal in the client logs or on the management point which scares me a bit.


I have checked and recreated the deployments several times.

The things I noticed in the support center is the following:

Screenshot 2021-10-14 104448.png

The CertificateMaintenance.log:

Key 'ConfigMgrMigrationKey' not found, 0x80090016. CertificateMaintenance 14.10.2021 05:44:43 21448 (0x53C8)
Raising event:
instance of CCM_ServiceHost_CertRetrieval_Status
ClientID = "GUID:C4******-****-****-****-********8FEA";
DateTime = "20211014034443.867000+000";
HRESULT = "0x00000000";
ProcessID = 20776;
ThreadID = 21448;
CertificateMaintenance 14.10.2021 05:44:43 21448 (0x53C8)



Does anyone have an idea where I could start searching, or maybe even know what the problem could be?

The policies are processed normally, just don't recognize that a client has been "unlocked" for a new app or for a software update.


=== Infrastructure
-MECM version 2107
-Windows Server 2022
-SQL Server 2019

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