Deploying 1903 through SCCM

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Has anyone successfully deployed 1903 through SCCM? And if so which switches have you used? So far I've struck out beyond getting the executable to the PC and having the initial screen display.
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@Matt Gelfand Yes I have successfully deployed it using OS upgrade task sequence in SCCM 1902. Worked absolutely flawless from several old editions, like LTSB 2015, SA 1709, SA 1809.

@Matt Gelfand Yes, this works a treat via In-Place Upgrade Task Sequences, as well as wipe-and-load OSD Task Sequences; Also works with the ISO contents being added to the Operating System Upgrade Packages, and a captured image (WIM) being added to the Operating System Images. As you mention switches and executable, can I request more about your setup to date? Are you attempting to run the Setup.exe manually via a package?