Client PC backups on Data Protection Manager 2016

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I am setting up a new server running Data Protection Manager 2016.  After configuring the data storage I attempted to add a desktop computer running Windows 10.


On the "Review Disk Storage Allocation" screen I get an error message:

"Disk storage allocation failed for one or more clients. Make sure at least one of he disk storage allows protection of clients and has enough free space. Or try to manually specify the disk storage for these clients."


I can't find any setting options on the disk storage to allow client backups.


Anyone have any idea what this error is actually referring to?

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Here's a link that is somewhat helpful:

Here's what I did (in quick steps):
1) Go into "Server Manager\File and Storage Services\Volumes\Storage Pools"
2) Add Disks, then create a Storage Pool, then create a Virtual Disk (Fixed, Max size), then create a Volume (Give it a drive letter, formatted ReFS)
3) Open DPM > Management > Disk 'refresh' > select the new volume you just added, give it a friendly name ("Clients") and then [OK]
4) Open up DPM powershell. You'll now set the volume to 'Client'. (Do a 'Get-DPMDiskStorage -Volumes' first. I had only 1 volume, so '[0]' below is OK for me, maybe not for you):
Update-DPMDiskStorage -DatasourceType Client -Volume (Get-DPMDiskStorage -Volumes)[0]