Can't copy dashboard in SCOM 180x


Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could shed some light as to why it isn't possible to copy a dashboard view in the SCOM console?  It seems other views can be copied without problem (Alert View, Performance View, Event View etc).  But when creating a Dashboard View, after it is created, it cannot be copied (the Copy option is greyed out).


This is the same behaviour whether the management pack is sealed or not.  Whereas with the other views, they can be copied regardless of whether they are sealed or not.



My use case is I have created some dashboards, and I would like to replicate the dashboards but just change the dynamic groups they reference.  This would be like a "template" dashboard that can be reused.  It took quite a while to setup the dashboard getting the tiles in the right places, and the right performance monitors & health state, and it would be great if I didn't have to invest that time again, each time I wanted to see the same dashboard for something different.

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