What’s new in R2 Deployment and Upgrade
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First published on TECHNET on May 28, 2009

<Update> I have include information on how to upgrade from R2 RC to R2 RTM.

Not much has changed when upgrading from Operations Manager 2007 SP1 to R2 or deploying a fresh installation of Operations Manager 2007 R2.  However, I do want to take the opportunity to point out few of the changes.

Changes to supported platforms

Operations Manager R2 now supports OM database roles running on SQL 2008 with SP1.  Please be sure install SP1 of SQL 2008 before beginning your R2 install or upgrade.  Our Prerequisite checker detects for SQL 2008 SP1and will block until it is found.  Note: We still continue to support SQL 2005 with SP1 or higher.

Operations Manager R2 also supports upgrading from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008.  Only the Operations Manager Reporting role require special instructions.  Detailed instructions can be found in the upgrade guide. Upgrading SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 Link

Upgrade Support

Operations Manager supports the following upgrade paths:

Agent Mixed Management Group Multi-homed Support

For agents that are multi-homed we support the following:

Upgrading from R2 Trial version (Eval) to R2 RTM (Select)

Upgrading from R2 RC to R2 RTM <New>

When upgrading from R2 RC to R2 RTM please follow the same procedures outlined in the Upgrade guide for upgrading from OM SP1 to OM R2.


R2 Monitored Item Capacity changes from SP1

New Supported Operations Systems for Agent

Windows Server 2008 Foundation, WePOS v1, POSReady, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Embedded Enterprise, Windows Embedded POS Ready

New Documentations and Guides

Upgrade Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

Deployment Guide

Lastly, we have added some new functionality for adding a RMS cluster to an existing management group.  In one of my next blog posts I plan to go into more detail on this topic.

Thanks you!

Rob Kuehfus | System Center Operations Manager | Setup and Deployment Program Manager

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