Welcome from the Service Manager Team!
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 25, 2008

Wow. It's hard to believe we're finally here.

As you've seen by now, System Center Service Manager Beta 1 has been officially released!

This Beta represents the first public release of the product on the new OM-based architecture. There is a completely new setup, integration with AD and Configuration Manager, full incident management, new console and forms, data warehouse and reporting, and much more. Most importantly, the performance and scale characteristics blow away the previous beta on the old architecture.

This is a huge milestone for the team and the product. When the new Service Manager product unit was brought together at the beginning of this year, we had some very daunting challenges ahead of us – double the size of the team, finalize project scope and schedule, roll out new engineering processes, and start firing on all cylinders as a single product team.

A quality, on-time release of Beta 1 was the primary goal this year – the litmus test that the team and product transformation was complete. Everyone on the Service Manager team is thrilled that the goal has been achieved - and are really looking forward to getting your perspective on usability, features, performance, etc..

Thank you for your interest in Service Manager - and for taking the time to evaluate the Beta. Your feedback and suggestions are incredibly valuable to us and, I guarantee, will be actively reviewed as we proceed thru the rest of the engineering cycle.


Michael Nappi

Product Unit Manager

Service Manager

Microsoft Corporation

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