Want to Use .NET 4.0 with Orchestrator Toolkit IPs? Here’s How!
Published Feb 15 2019 01:48 PM 143 Views
First published on TECHNET on May 25, 2012
One of our most awesome test guys on the Orchestrator Team, Zhenhua Yao, who has delivered such goodies as the TFS IP and a PowerShell IP on our CodePlex site , has done it again!

Anyone who has built an IP using the Orchestrator SDK knows that you need to set your project to .NET 3.5 or it won’t work. Well, Yao figured out that you can make a couple of registry changes and a .config file and enable .NET 4.0 assemblies to work just fine! This is a great relief to those who already had their own tools that were compiled as .NET 4 assemblies and were not going to be able to use them with Orchestrator.

For the full scoop on how to enable this functionality, see Yao’s blog here: Enable .NET 4 in Orchestrator Integration Toolkit

Happy Coding!

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